Nursing & Allied Health Sciences

Faculty Involved: Ellen R. Hoist (leader), Alnissa Shabazz, Regina C. Pannettieri, Kenya Harris, and Paula Green

Project Goals:

  • This project was designed to improve two key educational outcomes in the Nursing and allied Health Sciences program: 1) effective use of therapeutic communication and 2) critical thinking skills in clinical settings.
  • To use Voice Thread to engage students in structured asynchronous dialogue related to videos, images, documents or presentations created for specific health-related clinical situations (modeling a similar approach at UNC-Chapel Hill).
  • Provide faculty development for the successful implementation, integration and proper use of Voice Thread.
  • Provide the technology infrastructure for using Voice Thread (cameras, microphones, speakers, webcams, etc.)
  • Rennovate the existing clinical observation room to allow for monitoring and recording of clinical simulations (see before and after 3D models below).

Current Activities:

  • Spring/Summer 2010: Production Team creation of Voice Thread clinical scenarios.
  • Summer 2010: Installation of Whisper Booth recording studio in the clinical observation room.
  • Fall 2010: Faculty development in the use of Voice Thread tool; continued creation of scenarios. Development of one Whisper Booth exercise.
  • Spring 2011: Implementation of the project in the freshman and sophomore classes.
  • Evaluation and assessment based on faculty usage and student experience, pre/post testing and direct clinical observation.
“Before” model of classroom space with three beds for clinical scenarios/observations
“After” model showing installation of a recording and monitoring booth.

Images created on Google Sketch by Jose Lai, Academic Technology Liason, Bronx Community College



  1. Mark says:

    This has made it much better. Progress was fast and project well thought out and executed.


    wow. this is great and will be very convenient and effective!

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