Faculty Involved: Stephen Powers, Anthony Laverpool, Joan Wilson, Joseph Todaro, Diane D’Alessio

Courses Influenced: Edu 10 (Child Study), Edu 12 (Contemporary Urban Education), Edu 40 (Fieldwork Seminar), Edu 50 (Creativity and the Arts for the Early Childhood and Childhood Years)

Project Goals:

  • Students will acquire an understanding of the various ways they are meeting the National Council for the Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE) standards for Early Childhood and Childhood Education.
  • Students will acquire an understanding of the various ways they are meeting Bronx Community College’s General Education Proficiencies.
  • ePortfolios were used as a space for reflection and professionalization of education students. Specifically, prospective teachers (education students) will:
    • Design learning activities that demonstrate their understanding of developmentally appropriate practices;
    • Design, implement and assess experiences that promote positive development and learning for all children;
    • Use the ePortfolios as a space for preparing reflective observations reports that integrate knowledge from a variety of sources;
    • Engage in continual reflection and assessment of the effectiveness of their pedagogical approaches.

Project Outcomes:

  • Assessment of how NCATE standards and General Education Proficiencies are being met in each of the Education courses using ePortfolio.
  • A student-centered ePortfolio Conference sponsored by the Future Teachers Club.
  • Faculty development activities for implementing ePortfolios.
  • Over 200 students served in the first two semesters of project implementation.

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