Faculty involved: Alex Wolf (group leader), Rebeca Araya, Laura Broughton, Carlos Liachovitzky

Courses influenced: Anatomy & Physiology 1 & 2 (Bio 23/24), Introduction to General Biology (Bio 11)

BCC students conducting a photosynthesis experiment with the PowerLab.

Project goals:

  • To increase active laboratory experimentation with proven state-of-the-art equipment known as PowerLabs.
  • Emphasize student-motivated inquiry and collaborative problem solving vs. memorization.
  • Allow students to generate and analyze their own data thus enhancing the connection between the students and learning.
  • Improve the Biology Department’s computer infrastructure to faciliate better technology usage across the department.
  • Shift from a stationary computer lab setting to two mobile labs with internet connectivity.

Bio11 students using PowerLab equipment.

Current activities:

  • Spring 2010: Modules for labs on reflexes, respiratory mechanics and photosynthesis will be designed. We will furnish the participating labs with equipment and ensure that all hardware and software are in place. We will begin the task of determining our assessment method.
  • Fall 2010: The pilot labs will be conducted using the designed modules by faculty members participating in the grant program. Professors Wolf & Liachovitzky will implement the labs for the A&P sequence while Professors Broughton and Araya will implement the labs in Biology 11.
  • Spring 2011: A full scale assessment and analysis will be conducted. Based on the outcome of the assessment, plans for expanding the use of PowerLab to additional sections will be made.

Bio11 students with BCC Professor Laura Broughton.

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