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Welcome to the Podcasting Program  

https://podcasting.commons.gc.cuny.edu/ (We moved here !)             

Here you will find resources for faculty and staff interested in creating screencasts, audio and video podcasts for educational purposes. In addition, you will find  information on how to create podcasts, what programs to use, and examples on how to use it effectively in the classroom.

Throughout the year, OIT organizes two types of workshops: workshops concerning the technical aspects of podcasting, which offer hands-on learning on how to make audio and video podcasting; and workshops that focus on providing pedagogical support for podcasting integration into the online environment. 

For information regarding podcasting workshops please contact Albert Robinson, Instructional Technology Coordinator, email: albert.robinson@bcc.cuny.edu

For information regarding the pedagogy of podcasting please contact: Giulia Guarnieri, Podcasting Program, email: giulia.guarnieri@bcc.cuny.edu

You can find a complete list of all the workshops offered by the Office of Instructional Technology’s (OIT) by looking at the workshop calendar

The OIT currently promotes and supports: Instructor created podcasts and student created podcasts.

 For educational purposes a podcast is best used for:  Tutor a student, summarize a lesson, practice pronunciation & diction, evaluate music/art exam, create “additional listening”, offer support for disabled students, make oral bullet points, set up RSS Feed, assessment

Podcasting benefits for students: easy accessibility: 24/7, information is received  by subscribing to an RSS feed, self-evaluation of work, shortens the study time, increased interaction with teacher, supplement to class notes.






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