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TE(a)CH with Purpose is a site for documenting the technology and pedagogy work happening at Bronx Community College and engaging the broader academic community at BCC in discussions on the effective use of technology for specific pedagogical goals. We look forward to sharing our successes and experiences and learning from your input. Please check the blog for the latest news on BCC TE(a)CH happenings and browse the pages for more information on our specific initiatives.

Currently the office of OIT at BCC has funding support for three initiatives:

  • ePortfolios: Powered by Digication, the ePortfolio program at Bronx Community College is leading the way in providing students and instructors with a tool to organize and integrate their academic work and achievements.
  • Title V: With generous federal funding, OIT has been able to support the installation of new technology and equipment for the Biology, Math, English, History and Nursing Departments.
  • CUNY Hybrid Initiative: OIT provides a comprehensive professional development seminar for instructors interested in teaching Hybrid (partial online) courses.
  • Podcasting Program: Led by Giulia Guarnieri, Associate Professor of Italian, this program offers pedagogical and technological supports for faculty who wish to integrate podcasting in their academic work.

This project is supported by the Office of Instructional Technology, directed by Howard Wach. It is designed, updated and maintained by Valerie Futch, BCC Instructional Technology Fellow and PhD Candidate at The Graduate Center.

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