Completed Title V Projects

Completed Projects:

  • Students in Chemistry Department courses are using new desktop equipment in a departmental laboratory to analyze and present experimental data. The students use both Microsoft Office and discipline-specific chemistry software. As laboratory preparation becomes faster, students are spending more time on data analysis.
  • Students in Art Department courses are practicing and sharing skills in a new classroom/laboratory facility that features new Macintosh work stations, new printers and scanners, and a Smartboard arranged in a workspace designed to facilitate collaboration.
  • Students enrolled in History 10 and History 11 have access to e-Herodotus, an online companion to the required textbook, which includes a variety of study tools and resources. Selected sections are now being taught in an upgraded classroom with a Smartboard and a fully-equipped multimedia teacher’s podium.
  • Students enrolled in five Education Department classes, extending across degree program requirements, are building ePortfolios in courses for which faculty have developed assignments and assessment methods that will satisfy program accreditation requirements.

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