Faculty involved: Anthony Durante, Thomas Brennan, John Molina, Neal Phillip

Overview: The chemistry department developed strategies to be used in a modern laboratory setting. Digital resources such as software and DVD-based course content were used with new desktop and portable computers in order to build student’s critical thinking capacity through digitally-enabled analysis of experimental data and practice writing laboratory reports.Test tubes and other recipients in chemistry labphoto © 2008 Horia Varlan | more info (via: Wylio)

Specific goals:

  • Develop transfer and career programs to respond to education and employment needs of the community that they serve.
  • Develop and maintain modern and competitive Chemistry courses that serve the science and non-science students of the college.
  • Maintain a high level of instructional and technical staff.

Outcomes: New Chemistry Lab and Classroom

  • 17 Chemistry courses had two or more assignments completed in the lab.
  • 215 students made independent use of the lab during the Fall 2009 semester; 237 students used it in Spring 2010.
  • Lab space generated spontaneous and persistent social aspects of learning, with students forming learning dyads and “hanging out” in the lab during its operating hours.

Future goals:

  • Increase operating hours of lab.
  • Train adjunct chemistry professors in use of new lab equipment and teaching tools.
  • More adoption of e-books and DVD course content across the department.

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