Current Title V Projects

Ongoing Projects:

  • Laboratory exercises in Biology Department courses are being redesigned to increase active student engagement, utilizing a data collection system of software and hardware that will increase “hands-on” student activity and enable quick conversion of laboratory data into digital formats.
  • Faculty in Allied Health programs (RN, LPN, and Radiologic Technology) are using digital video recording equipment and online collaboration tools to create clinical simulation scenarios designed to improve students’ therapeutic communication and critical thinking skills. Students will use these tools to collaboratively analyze their own and their peers’ performance.
  • A faculty team in the English Department is creating assignments and exercises that will bring multimedia materials and contexts, and enhanced information literacy skills into the study of literature. A technology-enabled classroom will be designed and built to house course sections utilizing these revised curricular materials.
  • Instruction in the Math Department pre-calculus/calculus sequence will be redesigned to incorporate use of a Computer Algebra System. This software will permit faculty to increase the use of “real-world” examples, and allow students to work more frequently and flexibly on key skills.

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