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BCC’s ePortfolio Showcase

May 18th, 2011

It is showcase season! Last week, students from across the campus presented their ePortfolios as part of BCC’s Office of Instructional Technology ePortfolio Showcase. The event gave students who have done really great ePortfolio work a chance to show their peers and other instructors the value that ePortfolios have had for their education at BCC. What was really fascinating to witness was that as the students talked about what made their ePortfolio experience worthwhile, was that they were speaking about the very pedagogical goals that instructors so often discuss and aim for. The students who presented talked about how the portfolios gave them a chance to bring in work from other courses, showcase their projects to a wider audience, and bring in personal experiences to their education.

Student participants included: Lissenellys Valdez, Molaven Duarte, Francisco Gil, Yanilsa Estrella and Carlos Aristy. The students showed their work for a variety of courses and showcased how they can upload audio and video elements and use hyperlinking to expand the reach of their portfolios. Most of the students also use their ePortfolio to host their resumes and advertise the link to their portfolio on job applications. They also reported learning a lot about computers and web-design as well as being able to help their peers with the content and personalization of the ePortfolio. The last presenter, Carlos, chronicled his journey of working with ePortfolios, admitting that he wasn’t very excited to begin with but that over time he saw the ePortfolio as a valuable tool for chronicling his process of learning.

Two BCC professors who have used ePortfolios extensively in their courses also presented. Giulia Guarnieri and Julia Miele Rodas discussed how ePortfolios have influenced their teaching and how students have responded to the projects. Giulia explained how she uses ePortfolios as a space to model assignments for her students. Similarly, Julia discussed ePortfolios advantages as a tool for modeling writing as a process and offering a “shared distance” from writing that usually doesn’t occur with traditional term papers.

The event was a success and the OIT office hopes to have a showcase each semester. It was a really nice space to hear students and professors talking to one another about the learning process and how technology is shaping their BCC education experience. Bravo!


BCC Faculty Showcase 4-28

April 11th, 2011

The Third Annual Bronx Community College faculty technology showcase will be held on Thursday, April 28, from 9:30am to 2pm. Please join us for all or part of the day if you can. BCC faculty will be demonstrating instructional applications in geospatial and automotive technologies, multimedia integration, and ePortfolios. And that ain’t all…

You can register for the event here, and you can view or download the event flyer here. Refreshments will be served and a good time will be had. For information, directions, or any other questions, contact Albert Robinson at 718-289-5100, x3063, or

BCC faculty present at AAEELB & SLOAN-C

April 2nd, 2011

Check out the presentations of Dr. Culkin and Dr. Guarnieri on how to successfully integrate the use of the eporfolio with podcasting at the AAAEEBL Northeast US ePortfolio Conference, but also the presentation by Howard Wach, Stephen Powers and Giulia Guarnieri at the Sloan C Conference which discusses online course development at Bronx Community College.

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