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The Commons Takes Off

December 5th, 2010

For some, the notion that the CUNY Academic Commons is “taking off” may be old hat. For others, the Commons is just now becoming part of  work routines. The fact that I’m blogging at all probably says as much as anything along these lines. But here’s the interesting part: I’m writing here on the BCC Te(a)ch with Purpose blog in order to link to the documents area of the Standards and Practices public group. I’ve  just uploaded six documents drawn from BCC’s Hybrid Initiative over there. So my relationship to the Commons is getting a tad more complicated. I think it’s an interesting species of “take-off,” if perhaps a little self-referential. If I’m a member of multiple groups (as I am), and I want to add resources to one of them (as I did), but those resources can easily fit into additional group areas (as they do), it seems sensible to start linking groups (which I’ve done, I think).

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